Fridge Freezer Manuals

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Modern kitchen appliances have many functions and features that differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Correct unpacking and installation, selection of the right operating mode, maintenance and troubleshooting guarantees that the equipment will last a very long time and will perform its functions.


Regardless of whether you purchased a new fridge freezer or encountered problems with an already working device, most of the questions can be resolved by studying the document that the manufacturer has prepared for the end user:

  • installation instructions;
  • use and care guides;
  • service manuals;
  • wiring diagrams.

This website contains original owner’s manuals and instructions from home appliance manufacturers and sorted by brand and model for easy searching. All documents are presented in a convenient graphical format, which allows you to view them directly in a browser on a desktop or mobile device and save if necessary. Now there is no need to search for large PDF documents - select and download individual pages of manual for detailed study.


Most of the operating manuals are divided into sections that describe the refrigerator or freezer in detail. You will be able to find out the rules for safe installation and the recommended parts of the room for this. All available functions of the refrigerator, control buttons and operating modes are described in “Using” section. The "Maintaining" part describes the regular defrosting of some models, changing the water filters, cleaning the air filters - all this will extend the life of the fridge freezer and prevent early breakdowns. In case of problems, do not rush to call support - the troubleshooting section lists the most frequent failures and information on how to fix them.

Instructions for refrigerators are an important part of the electronic device itself, which are recommended for study by absolutely all owners.